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Routing Theory

This will be related to the basic and advanced concepts of routing.

Difference Between Public and Private IP Address:

What is Public and Private IP Address? One of the biggest challenges with IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses is that we’re running out of them. Simply, these are not enough IP version 4 addresses used to go around to everybody in the world that needs an IP address. IP version 6 (IPv6) is going to be coming to rescue. However, we still have a big IP version¬†4 deployment out there. And what are a lot of companies have done they …

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    IP Address Classes and Ranges

    What are IP Address Classes and Ranges? We now understand that when we take a look at an IP address. We really don’t know which of those thirty-two (32) bits represent the network and which have those thirty-two bit represent the host. Unless we’ve got a critical piece of information do you remember what that critical piece of information was? It’s the subnet mask, the subnet mask draws that dividing line saying that these are the network bits and these …

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      Difference Between Unicast, Multicast & Broadcast

      Unicast Multicast & Broadcast As we are taking to look at traffic pattern of our network. We might see traffic follows under 3 main categories (Unicast Multicast & Broadcast). The first category is unicast, unicast is one to one communication. In other words, you got one device like your pc talking to another device. Maybe a host on the internet or you are printing to a printer it’s a one to one communication. A broadcast is one to all communication …

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        What is IPv4 address and Subnet Mask?

        What is IPv4 address format? First of all, what is ipv4 address? The format of the Ipv4 address is that it consists of a 32-bit address. All of these 32 bits, some of the bits host bits they represent the client devices on the network. Remaining bits represents the network it’s the network address or some people call it the address of the wire and there is the dividing line somewhere in the middle of the 32 bit that distinguishes …

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          How to Convert Decimal to Binary?

          Decimal to Binary How we route a packet from one network to other network or subnet. We will begin our discussion by taking at ipv4 and we will begin that discussion by reviewing how binary works because we have to do lots of binary operation. How to Convert Decimal to Binary ? is the major problem. But this article tells you about the binary to decimal conversion step by step. We will take ipv4 address which is 32bit address and …

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