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Switching Theory

Basic and advanced concepts of switching

Switching Methods : Frame Forwarding Options

Frame Forwarding Options As we consider a modern-day switch. Let’s think back to the 1980s that’s when even ethernet bridges came out. Back into the 1980s, these networks are relatively slowly implementations of ethernet were 10Base2 or 10Base5 typically. Bridges were developed to limit collision domains. This allowed networks to scale somewhat you could have a collection of hubs on either side of a two-port bridge which as an example and collision saw on one side would not impact traffic …

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    What is Collision Domain and Broadcast Domain?

    Collision Domain and Broadcast Domain What is Collision Domain and Broadcast Domain? Before going to the collision domain and broadcast domain. First, understand what is collision domain? and How does collision work? Go back to days when we use bus topology on the ethernet network may be 10base2 or 10base5 technologies. The devices attached to shared segment how to make sure there is no currently frame on that shared segment. Before they transmitted it we are not allowed to have …

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      What is MAC address and CAM table?

      What is MAC address and CAM table? What is Mac address and why switch requires Mac address? A switch makes its forwarding decision for frame based on the destination Mac address. And the Mac address is 48 bit (6 bytes) address. We have a grouping of 3 bytes in beginning and 3 bytes in the end.The Organizational Unique Identifier (OUI) or Vendor code is always pick up first 3 bytes or 24 bits of MAC address. So if you would begin …

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        How does a Network Switch Work?

        How Switch Works in Networking? From this article, you are going to learn How does Network Switch Work? A bridge is a predecessor of a switch they both make the forwarding decision in the same basic way. They look at Mac addresses which they learned from a different port and they make forwarding decision appropriately. How does Network Switch Work? Let’s say we have a hub on both side and in the middle the connecting device we may have a switch …

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