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What are your weaknesses? Learn how to answer interview questions

What are your weaknesses?

What are your weaknesses? Your greatest weakness is not your great weakness it’s not your strength. Taking to an extreme and portrait as a weakness. I have come across way too many HR professionals we commending that you should just take your great strength take it to a stream and then say that is the greatest weakness like for example, my greatest weakness is that I work too hard, I’m a perfectionist I don’t delegate as much as I should and I’m a people pleaser or I am very critical of my own work. Please stop, seriously what you’re trying to do….. sorry to say but it’s just bullshit answers.

They don’t have a single reason to hire you as team members. Especially subordinate whom they will try to be as a way through tough times. You think about this for a second of all the qualities you have. Your hard skills, your motivation, college degrees that were so hard to obtain. What are your weaknesses and if you have answered one of the answers above. It means you are misguided before and you received bad advice.

Required answer:

Let’s look at some examples in the new world of consulting which is what I know very well you’re a challenge to with deadlines and quality deliverables on a daily basis is this really tough out there. I’m sure this these same with other multinational companies as well being investment banking, consumer goods, marketing sales anything a large multinational company leading to being the number one with lazy employees they must have superstars. In these high-intensity environments, leaders or managers need soldiers who will fight with them as one the united team. Who is determined to capture that castle so there are no lies or bullshit in such a team. There are no acts no pretense. There are only hardcore facts.

So knowing this when we’re looking for new additions to such an environment in our genes. We make sure we confident, we can trust you to deliver that research. When you say it had to quality your commit to. How honesty play an integral role in your interview process? With what honesty you answer the question what are your weakness.

Examples of weakness, when interviewers start interviewing they have a mental checklist.

  1. Is he/she trustworthy?
  2. Can I trust him/her?
  3. Is he/she honest?
  4. Can he/she say sorry when he/she messes up? Well, we all do mess up but we learn from it and then move on
  5. Is he/she motivated to work hard for the team?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions then they move on to evaluate our skills. They test you to understand whether you trustworthy or not. And increase the pressure and use your answers against you and they look for inconsistencies in your answers. Even if an opportunity presents itself then they even try to make you say sorry. Are you adult enough to say sorry when you need or it’s a pride issue to you? If you’re suffering from it then I suggest you work on it before going to an interview.

How do you answer that question?

What are your weaknesses? There are about a million weaknesses I can list out there without knowing your domain background and experience. What I thought is I can share with you my very own weaknesses and perhaps this may also relate to us:

I feel very vulnerable like all I’m very good with applications of powerpoint these tools and functions. I’m not the best when it comes to designing this slides this is true. I’m not a good designer or I can design a slide based on what has been my mind.

I get bored very quickly, my motivation peaks at the first day of a new engagement stays at the peak for about a month. And then drops gradually about six months if the engagement one is that long. If it is longer than six months then I really need the motivation to keep going. But this is not a huge problem because as 95% of our projects are less than six months.

But then explaining that is really no big deal. It’s not something that is so great so huge you will fail me well if you’re working to be for one thing. I suggest that you do is while you’re stayed your weaknesses talk about what you’re doing to be better at them but also remember they are still working progress. There was still in need your weaknesses but you’re working on them.

Now start writing down all your weaknesses and make a list while you’re finished. Hopefully, you’ll come on with ten to twenty of them. Start evaluating your weaknesses and you find some of your weakness which you will work on them. Start analyzing your weaknesses with how much work you can do on them to make them better with your efforts.


How fresh graduate answer this question? What are your weaknesses:

what are your weaknesses
your weaknesses fresh graduate

If you are fresh graduate you may have very little relatable experience. In that case, I think you have a perfect the justifiable reason not to know your professional weaknesses. Why would you say this way without a sort of lying? You will collect so many honesty points if you’re a fresh graduate then go ahead and say something like this.

“As much as I want to share with you my professional weaknesses. I still haven’t accumulated enough work experience to share with your list of them right now. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have. I’m sure, I will have many of those but, I guarantee you that whatever they will be. I will work on them and if you’re interested in my weaknesses related to my personal life. I would be happy to share with you all but how much time do you have.

Trust me giving an answer like that it will work as wonders. Now I believe you can answer confidently about What are your weaknesses?

Tell me about yourself is another most frequently asked interview question.

What are your weaknesses?
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