Networking Concepts

Transmission media in Computer Networks

Types of Physical Transmission Media There are different types of transmission media in computer networks that used for transmission. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of media. That we might be used to interconnect network components. For example, if we were interconnecting a couple of ethernet switches. We might use an unshielded twisted pair or we’re connecting out to a client machine that might use on an unshielded twisted pair. What if we are interconnecting a …

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What are Legacy Network Components?

Legacy Network Components If you’re working on an older network it’s been around for a while you might come up some older, some legacy network components. Let’s take a few moments that make sure you understand that the function of some of these components. For example, we’ve got a hub which would be used in older ethernet network. We’ve got a media access unit (MAU) then you might find older token ring networks. And we also have a bridge which is the predecessor …

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Common Components of Computer Network

Common Components of Computer Network Throughout your networking career, you will likely to see many typologies as many different networks with lots of different components of computer network. We discuss is just a basic example of some of the components that you’re likely to see a lot. These are the examples of components of a computer network like routers, switches client and file servers. There are some of these different elements that we’re likely to find in the network. For …

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